Flag of the United Kingdom    HEJ (Men in skirt) : the association aims to promote the masculine skirt


For this, it will put all resources in place to:


- Create links of friendship and solidarity between members of the Association, men with skirts, their spouse and all those in agreement with the wearing of skirts by men,

- Organizing meetings between members, both local and regional, national or international

- Support to members who encounter difficulties in wearing skirt,

- Assist the return of the skirt in the male wardrobe, help to introduce skirts in menswear stores, facilitate accessibility to skirts ,

- Trivialize the wearing of skirts by men, reduce intolerance against men in skirt

- Inform by all means available on the wearing of skirts by men and where to find skirts for men.

The skirt, includes the classic skirt as well as sarong, kilt, pareu, etT.

The object can be expanded to other clothes or accessories.

The various means of action can be specified by internal rules.


The subscription is only 18 € a year !

(merci Yoelo)